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FAQ for Picklex 20

Picklex® 20 One Step Metal Prep. is a “Value Added Green Product” which is water based, ready to use and performs multiple jobs in one step. Picklex® 20 completely removes light mill oil, cutting fluid, flash rust/white rust, provides a pre-treatment/conversion coating, seals the coating and stops the oxidation process, all in one simple step, resulting in a rust/contamination free surface. It completely prepares the metal surface (both ferrous & non-ferrous) for a very long-term indoor rust protection (in terms of years), welding and finishing, such as priming, liquid painting, electrostatic painting, powder coating etc.

Picklex 20 can be applied on any type of metal (ferrous & non-ferrous) such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum etc.

No. Sanding or blasting is not needed. Picklex 20 in one step completely prepares the new metal surface by cleaning, providing with pre-treatment/conversion coating & seal the coating, ready for welding & top coating without using any sanding, blasting or use of any other chemical.

Picklex 20 is a water-based & water soluble product and is very safe and easy to use.

Wear rubber gloves and safety eye glasses to protect your eyes.

Brushing, Spraying, Dipping, Wiping etc.

Yes, Picklex® 20 can be applied right on the bare metal surface with or without visible rust. Picklex® 20 is a pre-treatment/conversion coating which is used to provide very good bonding with the top coating and also provide much longer corrosion resistance (paint life) compared to the same paint job performed on the sanded or blasted metal surface.

Apply very less product on the metal surface. The coating should be just one extremely thin coating. It becomes a part of the metal surface with almost zero thickness. Any excess chemical on the metal surface becomes a residue which can affect bonding and corrosion resistance (Paint life).

Apply Picklex® 20 by spraying and/or brushing, after one minute wipe off or blow off the excess chemical completely down to the metal surface. Air dry or heat dry with a heat gun.

YES, otherwise there will be residue which will affect proper drying and bonding with the top coating

Yes. Welding can be performed over the coating after complete drying. The coating enhances the welding (does not cause hydrogen embrittlement). Also, no weld spatter forms (Anti-spatter)

NO. Primer & paint will have excellent bonding without sanding.

Yesexcept using Self Etching primer.

Just wash the chemical with large amount of water. Unlike acid, Picklex® 20 does not etch the metal surface while removing the rust and therefore no heavy metal goes in the waste water (not a hazardous waste).

Yes, Picklex® 20 completely converts 100% rust and heat scale (such as mill scale) to a conversion coating over which welding can be performed after complete drying (for hot rolled steel, the mill scale does not have to be removed for welding and the weld strength will still be higher compared to the welding performed after completely removing the mill scale as per AWS specification (American WeldingAssociation). Priming and/or painting can also be performed over converted rust or scale. Note: For heavy rusted steel, the lose rust on the surface should be removed completely by wire-brush before applying Picklex® 20.

Yes, dipping a heavy rusted tool/part or hot rolled steel with mill scale for few hours in Picklex® 20 will de-rust, de-scale, pickle, condition the metal and provide a conversion/protective coating, all at the same time. Strain the bath to remove all rust/scale particles and re-use Picklex® 20 until consumed completely.

Yes, after light buffing. But it is better to put the body filler over primer.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Can Picklex® 20 de-rust or de-scale?

Just wipe of the dust with a damp cloth. Do not use any cleaner.

For several years depending on the location (near coastal area or not).

Do not use any other chemical with Picklex® 20, because it can react and the coating performance can be harmed.

It is a part of the chemical and it is not rust. The color of rust is orange, not brown. Do not have to remove, just prime over.

Just keep it in a warm place and it will come back to the original condition.

More than 10 years when stored indoors in cool and dry place.

Yes. Picklex® 20 coating can withstand around 2000°F. High temperature paint, ceramic coating can be used on this coating.

For indoor application, just painting over Picklex® 20 coating will provide years of paint life without using any primer.

Yes, powder coating can be performed over Picklex® 20 coating with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. However, to speed up the process in this case, rinsing can be performed to completely remove the excess Picklex® 20 from the metal surface and must be completely oven dried (cannot be air-dried) before powder coating.

Picklex® 20 will not damage paint. But leaving the chemical for a long time may dull the paint. Just wipe off the chemical with wet cloth.

Yes, it is extremely cost effective. Picklex® 20 has a very large coverage (around 1600 sq. ft. per gallon) and need only one thin coat. So the product cost comes out to be few cents per sq.ft. with very less labor time. Also, it cuts down lot of conventional steps such as sanding, blasting, re-work etc., saving a lot of labor, time, cost and energy. On top of that, the very long shelf life of Picklex® 20 eliminates any waste. In fact, Picklex® 20 is a “Value Added Product”.

DOT – Shipped as Non-hazardous chemical (Class 55) IATA – Not regulated    RoHs – Contains no banned chemical listed in RoHs

Yes, Picklex® 20 is being shipped to overseas countries by Fed Ex air, DHL, UPS or Post Office (express international mail). Please contact by e-mail to find out the total charges with shipping cost.

Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, please ship back the product in the original container within 30 days from the purchase date for full refund (please close the cap real good & tape and pack with original packaging material).

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