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Galvanized Steel (Wet storage stain)

Galvanized Steel (Wet storage stain) Removal of Wet Storage Stain (White Rust) on Galvanized steel surface

Picklex® 20 completely removes the White Rust (also known as Wet storage stain) from the Galvanized steel surface and provides a nano thickness coating for a very long-term indoor Rust Protection (several years) and finishing.

Painting/Powder CoatingPainting or Powder coating can be performed over Picklex® 20 coated surface after complete drying. Since Picklex® 20 is a nano Conversion coating, it eliminates the need for Sanding or Blasting of the galvanized steel surfacePicklex® 20 removes any mill oil/cutting fluid, remove surface rust, provide a nano Conversion coating, seal the coating and stop the oxidation process, all in one step in about one minute. It provides a rust/contamination free surface with zero oxidation. Picklex® 20 provides excellent adhesion with the top coating such as, liquid paint or powder coating.

Galvanized Steel Cooling Tower

A room in a building with a lot of dirt on the floor.

After Picklex® 20 treatment (removed white rust)

A close up of a brown and white checkered fabric.

Cooling Tower partially treated with Picklex® 20

A metal panel is sitting on a floor in a room.

After Picklex® 20 treatment (removed white rust)

A piece of metal with paint on it.

(Wet Storage Stain)

A brochure showing different types of pipes.

Article from the American Galvanizers Association – “Cleaning Wet Storage Stains from Galvanized Surfaces”.

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