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About Picklex® 20 Metal Surface Preparation

PickleX®20 is the only complete metal surface preparation product for any ferrous & non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Features and benefits of Picklex® 20s

  • Complete surface preparation for welding, priming, liquid painting, electrostatic painting, powder coating
  • U.S. EPA tested/verified, value added, water based, ready to use green product
  • Eliminates sanding, blasting or use of toxic wash primer with chromate on new metal surface
  • Enhances welding and adhesion (bonding) with top coating
  • National Award and Edison Award winning Product
  • Completely removes mill oil, cutting fluid, surface rust
  • Does not etch the metal surface while removing rust/oxidation, keeping the metal surface intact (injection molding die application)
  • Provides pre-treatment/conversion coating
  • Seals the coating
  • Completely eliminates rusting and adhesion (bonding) problems
  • Provides a rust/contamination free metal surface and stops the oxidation process
  • Passivates Stainless Steel surface
  • Provides several years of indoor rust protection
  • Enhances welding (increases weld strength in steel), does not cause hydrogen embrittlement, reducing the chances of weld failure to zero
  • Converts mill scale on hot rolled steel to a conversion coating through which welding can be performed after complete drying. Provides better welding than AWS process (welding after completely removing the mill scale)
  • Anti-spatter
  • Enhances adhesion (bonding) with top coating (primer, liquid paint, powder coating) and corrosion resistance
  • Longer corrosion resistance (paint life)
  • Coating can withstand very high temperature (around 2000°F)
  • Can replace Wash Primer with Chromate (highly toxic)

How Picklex® 20 Works

Picklex® 20 performs multiple jobs by brushing, spraying, wiping or dipping process at room temperature. Picklex® 20 removes all contamination from a new metal surface such as, mill oil, cutting fluid, dust, finger prints, removes surface rust (red and white rust), provide a conversion coating (protective coating), seal the coating and stop further oxidation, all in one step in one minute, completely preparing the metal surface for Welding and Finishing. It safely works on all ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum etc.

No Rinsing needed! No waste to throw away! It’s that simple!

Want more information on all Picklex® 20 applications? View the Picklex® 20 Technical Data Sheet.

Picklex® 20 Green Technology

Picklex® 20 is the only Pre-treatment (conversion coating) which is capable of completely removing mill oil/cutting fluid, surface rust, provide the conversion coating, seal the coating and stop further oxidation, all in one step in a minute on a new or blasted metal surface at room temperature without rinsing. It provides excellent bonding with the top coating and much longer paint life than if the same paint job was performed over a blasted metal surface.

Eliminates the use of hazardous/toxic chemicals. View the Picklex® 20 Safety Data Sheet for more information.

Company Approvals

Dept. of Transportation (DOT), Tenn.

Lockheed Martin Co.

Goodrich Interiors Cabin Systems (Aerospace)

Trinity Industries, Mexico

No rust problem. No weld failure. No Bonding failure since 1998.

Picklex® 20 is a value added product, saving a lot of conventional steps, labor, time, cost & energy (around 50% to 80% depending on the number of applications). This product is ready to apply and is used by a lot of major companies in many industries including the automotive aftermarket.

REFUND POLICY: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, please ship back the product in the original container within 30 days from the purchase date for full refund (please close the cap real good & tape and pack with original packaging material).


Trinity Industries, Mexico

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