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Picklex® 20 is a unique US EPA Tested/Verified, Award winning “Value Added Water Based Green Product”.

Picklex® 20 is a Green Product which eliminates all hazardous/toxic chemicals such as solvent, acid, phosphate, chromate etc., including Sanding/Blasting, which are presently used in the metal surface preparation process. The Unit Cost for the product is few cents per sq. ft., but the actual product cost comes out below Zero after use, because of eliminating one or more traditional process steps. Picklex® 20 performs multiple jobs – removes mill oil/cutting fluid, flash rust, applies a protective/conversion coating which provides years of indoor rust protection and completely prepares the metal surface for Welding, Priming, Painting, Electro-static Painting & Powder Coating, saving a lot of Labor, Time & Cost, all in simple One Step Process.

Picklex® 20 is environmentally safe, non-hazardous, water based & ready to use product.

Picklex® 20 is Developed and Made In USA.

Picklex® 20 performs the following tasks (multiple jobs) in One Step as shown below:

  1. METAL SURFACE CLEANER – Removes light mill oil and water based cutting fluid
  2. RUST REMOVER – Removes surface rust completely and stops the oxidation process. Does not etch the metal surface while removing the Rust, so the metal surface stays Intact (useful for Injection Molding Die).
  3. RUST INHIBITOR – Provides years of indoor Rust Protection (more than 8 to 10 years).
  4. 100% RUST/SCALE CONVERTER – Converts 100% Rust and Mill scale to a Conversion coating (no oxidation property left)
  5. PRE-TREATMENT/CONVERSION COATING – Provides Pre-treatment and a nano Conversion coating on the metal surface for excellent adhesion (bonding) with the top coating. Eliminates Sanding or Blasting of the new metal surface. Picklex® 20 works at room temperature without rinsingEliminates blasting for Hot rolled steel for Painting (both Indoor and Outdoor applications).
  6. WELD PREP., ANTI-SPATTER INCLUDING WELDING THROUGH MILL SCALE – The coating allows Welding and increases weld strength considerably on cold rolled steel. Welding can also be performed through the mill scale of Hot rolled steel after applying Picklex® 20 (without removing the mill scale) and still provides better welding than AWS specification welding. Picklex® 20 does not cause hydrogen embrittlement and therefore the chance of Weld Failure is close to Zero. Also, it acts as an Anti-spatter.
  7. SEALER – Picklex® 20 coating seals by itself and stops further oxidation
  8. DE-SCALER (MILL SCALE, HEAT SCALE) – One Step De-scaling removes mill scale, provide conversion coating and Seal the coating by One-Step dipping process with Zero disposal. Prepares the steel ready for Welding and finishing
  9. STAINLESS STEEL PASSIVATION: Completely performs SS passivation of Stainless Steel with equal or better- quality results compared to Nitric acid passivation (heating and rinsing involved). Zero Waste Disposal. Rinse water is not a hazardous wasteZero Waste Disposal. Eliminates Nitric Acid Passivation.
  10. Replaces Chromate Conversion Coating (ALODINE)
  11. Replaces WASH PRIMER WITH CHROMATE: Completely replaces Wash primer with Chromate. Exceeded 1000 hours of salt spray test (ASTM B117)

Picklex® 20 eliminates blasting for new metal surface, such as cold rolled steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel etc. (blasting causes hazardous waste according to EPA).

Picklex®20 completely removes the surface rust/oxidation, provides pre-treatment/conversion coating, seals the coating, all at the same time in one step at room temperature without rinsing, resulting in a rust/contamination free metal surface with zero oxidation on the surface (stops the oxidation process). Picklex®20 can be applied by brushing, spraying, dipping, wiping etc.

Picklex® 20 not only provides much higher quality results, but also solves all the quality problems which are regularly faced during metal surface preparation before welding and finishing, such as Rusting problem, Weld failure problems and Adhesion (bonding) problems.

Since 1998, there has been Zero Welding and Adhesion (bonding) failure, which reduced the Re-work to Zero, saving a lot of labor, time & cost.

Recommended Uses:

  1. Complete Rust Removal on any Metal surface (Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal)
  2. Long term Indoor Rust Protection (for several years)
  3. Welding, including welding on Hot rolled steel without removing the Mill scale
  4. Priming, Painting, Electrostatic painting, Powder coating, Epoxy coating, Ceramic coating etc.
  5. Metal surface preparation for High Temperature coating, such as Epoxy Coating (oven temperature around 500°F)Ceramic coating (baking temperature around 1800°F), and for high temperature paint used at operating temperature condition up to 2000°F.
  6. One Step De-scaling/Coating of Hot Rolled steel (mill scale) & Heat scale at room temperature.
  7. Used for metal surface preparation of New metal as well as for re-painting jobs after blasting (maintenance)
  8. Rebar Coating: New Rebar can be de-scaled/condition/pickle/coated/sealed by Picklex® 20 in one step for better corrosion resistance during storage and also inside concrete. Picklex® 20 coating by itself will provide years of indoor rust protection.
  9. Injection Molding – For Die manufacturers as well as Injection molding companies (both Plastic & Metal). Years of rust protection for the dies during storage. Complete Rust removal inside the Cooling passage to restore Heat transfer to the original stage.

Outstanding Features and Advantages:

1. Complete Green Product and Process

2. Works on all Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal surfaces including Galvanized steel and Stainless steel

3. Eliminates all hazardous/toxic chemicals such as Solvent, Acid, Phosphate, Chromate from metal surface preparation

4. No EPA or OSHA regulation

5. Works on any type of metal, ferrous and non-ferrous.

6. Eliminates one or more steps in the metal surface preparation, saving a lot of Labor, Time & Cost

7. Eliminates Blasting/Sanding of new Cold rolled steel, Aluminum, Galvanized steel etc. before finishing (Priming, Painting, Electrostatic painting, Powder coating, Epoxy coating etc. Eliminates blasting on Hot rolled steel for both Indoor and Outdoor applications and still achieves 1000 hours of salt spray test (ASTM B117) with Epoxy Primer & Paint.

NOTE: If Blasting is performed (such as in case of Re-painting job to remove old paint etc.), Near white or White Blasting is not needed (in fact, should not be done). Only Commercial or Industrial Blasting is recommended, which saves a lot of labor, time & cost.

8. Performs multiple jobs in one step. Completely removes the mill oil/cutting fluid, surface rust/oxidation, provide pre-treatment/conversion coating, seal the coating and stop the oxidation process, all at the same time in a simple one step process at room temperature without rinsing, resulting in a rust/contamination free metal surface with zero oxidation on the surface. Performs complete surface preparation in one step

9. Very large coverage (around 1600 sq. ft. per gallon, only one very thin coating needed)

10. Product cost is less than Zero after use and more money back depending on how many steps are eliminated

11. Provides years of Indoor Rust Protection (more than 8 to 10 years). Note: Being a water based/water soluble product, it can still provide few weeks of outdoor Rust protection (few rust spots may occur, which can be removed/coated by just wiping with Picklex® 20).

12. Enhances Welding as follows:

a. Increases weld strength considerably for Cold rolled steel

b. Allows welding through mill scale for hot rolled steel without removing the mill scale (converts mill scale to a conversion coating) and still achieve higher weld strength than AWS or ASME Code welding

c. Anti-Spatter

d. Does not cause Hydrogen Embrittlement and therefore the chance of Welding failure is close to Zero

13. Finishing (Priming, Painting, Electrostatic painting, Powder coating, Epoxy coating, Ceramic coating etc.):

a. Provides excellent adhesion even on edges, corners and welding area where the adhesion usually fails on blasted surface by traditional process

b. Do not need near white or white blasting for Hot rolled steel and for Re-painting job. Picklex® 20 prepares the metal surface rust/contamination free with zero oxidation (stops the oxidation process)

c. Longer corrosion resistance (paint life) than the same paint job performed on a blasted surface

d. Picklex® 20 coating can withstand a very high temperature (around 2000ºF). Note: High temperature top coating such as, Epoxy CoatingCeramic coating, which has very high baking temperature, can be applied over Picklex® 20 coating. Also, where the painted surface is subjected to a very high operating temperature.

e. Picklex® 20 can replace the “Wash Primer with Chromate” as well as Chromate Conversion coating (Alodine) which are highly toxic.

14. One Step De-scaling/Coating: One Step De-scaling, Pickling and Coating (conversion coating) can be performed by a simple dipping process at room/ambient temperature, replacing Hydrochloric acid de-scaling/pickling process. Unlike Hydrochloric acid, this process does not need rinsing. No Waste Disposalno Sludgeno monitoringno concentration adjustmentno Down Time. After the process, the coating provides years of indoor Rust protection and is completely prepared for WeldingPrimingPaintingPowder CoatingElectro-static Painting

15. Injection Molding: Removes surface rust completely without changing the surface (surface stays intact) and providing years of indoor Rust Protection, restoring expensive rusted Injection molding dies. Cleaning rust in the cooling passage.

16. REBAR COATING: New Rebar can be de-scaled/condition/pickle/coated/sealed by Picklex® 20 One-Step De-scaling/Coating Process and can provide years of indoor rust protection as well as much better corrosion resistance inside concrete than just putting the new Rebar inside the concrete.

17. Replaces and exceeds the quality requirements of Wash Primer with Chromate and Chromate conversion coating. 

18. One Step Process, safe and extremely easy to use. Not too much skill is needed to use the product and achieve great results.

19. Solves all quality failures such as, Welding failureAdhesion failure as well as solving the Rusting problem completely. Since 1998, there has been Zero Welding and Adhesion (bonding) failure, which reduced the Re-work to Zero, saving a lot of labor, time & cost.

20. Indefinite Shelf Life (did not spoil for last 20 years, stored indoor under shaded area)


  1. Value Added Product” which Saves a lot of labor, time, cost & energy by eliminating one or more traditional steps during metal surface preparation for welding and finishing (painting, powder coating etc.)
  2. Very large coverage (around 1600 sq. ft. per gallon).
  3. Unit Cost is few cents per sq. ft. along with a very less labor time, where the product cost comes out below Zero after use of the product
  4. Picklex® 20 completely solves all quality problems in the metal industries such as, the Rusting problem, very long-term Indoor Rust Protection (several years), Welding failure & Adhesion failure for all kind of Metal (ferrous & non-ferrous), saving a lot of labor, time and cost.
  6. Payback is immediately after using the Product, whether Picklex® 20 is used for one application or more than one application (with more money back, depending on how many steps are eliminated).
  7. Indefinite Shelf Life. Therefore no Wastage of the product


 If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, please ship back the product in the original container within 30 days from the purchase date for full refund (please close the cap real good & tape and pack with original packaging material).

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