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Liquid Painting

Eliminate Blasting/Sanding/ Hazardous chemicals from metal surface preparation before Liquid painting with Picklex® 20 in One Step…

For any Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal

— US EPA Tested/Verified, National Award & Edison Award winner

Performs complete Surface preparation & Pre-treatment in One Step as follows:

  • removes light mill oil, cutting fluid, surface rust …
  • provides a nano-thicknessconversion coating. Completely converts mill scale on Hot rolled steel, weld/laser scale to a Paintable Conversion coating
  • Seals the coating and stops further oxidation.


  • Complete Green Process
  • No Blasting or sanding for new metals including Hot rolled steel with mill scale
  • No Rinsing
  • No EPA or OSHA regulation
  • Exceeded 1000 hours of Salt Spray Test (ASTM B117) on Hot rolled steel without removing the mill scale
  • Very high temperature Paint can be used (up to around 2000⁰F)

Complete surface preparation and Flash Rust removal

Comparison between Traditional process and Picklex® 20 Process:

Traditional Process:

Picklex® 20 Process: No Blasting/Sanding/Grinding needed:

Present Process:

  • Blasting/Sanding/Grinding

  • Liquid Painting

Picklex® 20 Process:

  • Picklex® 20 spray/Brush

  • Blow off the excess product

  • Air Dry

  • Liquid Paint

For more information, email us at rsen@icpi.net or call 256-650-0088

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